Friday, January 14, 2011

Japantown Trip

I have been wanting to go to Japan town to check out the current selection of dollar store bento supplies, but a whole trip across the bridge just for that seemed excessive and exhausting. Today I was in SF for something else, and I walked from Yerba Buena to Japan town in the hopes that the dollar stores would still be open. It was a longish walk by my standards as I had spent the day on my feet at the museum, but I kept up a refrain of "cheap! plastic! crap!" in my head as I walked to keep me going. When I got to Japan town I found the stores open, but with a very sparse bento selection. Perhaps bento is going out of fashion, leaving me behind for I am going to continue eating like a child who can't stand their foods touching.

Anyway there wasn't as much selection as I am used to, but I got a two tier bento, a replacement for the two yellow bento boxes I have let rot, some chopsticks, and some silicone food cups.

On the right is everything I bought, and on the left is its packaging.
I spent the BART ride home husking everything, and mulling over what use I could put the plastic to. I will use the plastic carrying bags once more, to line my room's trash can, and one of the plastic wrappers was plain and crisp enough to hold a card or something. The rest I tossed. I wish I had taken a picture of the package that warned me to dispose of my product according to my local government, and the one that reminded me to follow the disposal regulations of my municipality, but I am too tired.

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