Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jan 1 2011 resolution post

I got sand in my bed because i can't feel my feet so i didn't know they were sandy. I resolved to go swimming every day of 2011. I resolved this while I was already in the frigid water. I don't know if it was literally frigid because I don't know what frigid means. It was about as cold as usual I think, but I wasn't warmed by the sun or by vigorous swimming. Anyway, I had my glasses on instead of my contacts and the waves were really big, so I only went in up to my waist. But, I haven't broken the resolution yet; there's still time. I went to the school pool but of course it was closed. But the drive was great. The speed limit wasn't one for me and those roads.

On the radio there was a song called sexy chick. well the radio clean version is called that. It is about David Guetta not being able to describe someone's sexiness.
She's nothing like a girl you've ever seen before
nothing you can compare to your neighborhood.
as you can see it's a song that is really improved by censoring.

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