Friday, October 3, 2008

Quitting @ EPL

It's totally time to quit EPL, because I have school and other work and if it comes down to it I will just get a private loan. I like my friends there a lot, but it is so awkwardly managed. And I hate selling people things I wish they wouldn't buy. I've started going to work without any money or my cards because even though I definitely don't want fast food, I get really hungry by the end of my shift at 10 pm.

Trying to quit at EPL is like breaking up with someone who is terribly passive aggressive. I basically gave them one month notice 2 weeks ago, and they've responded (well, no, not really on purpose, but there's the language barrier and there are about 6 managers altogether so you see how it can happen) by scheduling me for days I thought I had off but not telling me, taking me off days (one day, so far) I was scheduled to work without telling me and sending me away when I arrive, and then telling me that I have to call for my schedule because the office is locked and no one has the key to it. So I might have work today, and I might not, and I have been getting a busy signal every half hour, and just now it went through but no one picked up. And they have caller id but I'm sure that's not why they haven't answered. Maybe the office is locked.

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