Friday, October 17, 2008

Stealing Content

I am very impressionable, so when for 19 years (especially in the first 5) everyone says to not steal, but now it is okay to steal music from online because you are essentially Robin Hood... I'm not convinced. I think if it was really all right we would have legislation to that effect. But I am boycotting apple (since last month when I bought my 4th gen purple nano) so I can't buy music from itunes, except the three dollars I still have from a gift card.

In favor of stealing: Some people think when you buy a thing, you should get to use that thing, indefinitely and without restrictions. Which is definitely not true of, say, knitting patterns or a drawing. But also itunes charges like $15 to download a movie, which is a mark up of like ten thousand percent (I assume, not having looked into it at all). I think I would pay $5 for a movie (My screen is an inch wide! And if I was at my computer I would just go to or netflix watch instantly), and about $.30 for a song. And I already payed 162.00 for my ipod.

Against: I can already watch music videos all the time at youtube. And listen to the radio and And I can afford to pay a dollar for songs. And you can't just do things because you want to. It is up to artists whether they want to offer their work for sale or for free.

So for now I have settled on free podcasts, which are like the radio but I have to manually add it to my ipod and can fast forward it and rewind. And they have financial advice podcasts, and wired podcast, and CELTIC MUSIC PODCAST!


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