Saturday, October 18, 2008


I am not that out of shape. I exercise a lot. Usually things like dancing and biking and crunches during television and low impact things. Because I have no endurance and no ability to get oxygen from the wide world into my muscles when I need it. Today I ran under the only circumstance that can get me to run- desperately needing to be someplace much faster than brisk walking would do.

I have been dreading the hostel lately, and so when my 6:30 alarm went off I turned it off and fell back asleep. Unfortunately when I woke up again at 7:30 (and just ran out of the house grabbing my keys and making sure I had on shoes) I had narrowly missed the one bus that has even a remote chance of getting me to work at 8:00 am. (The weekend bus is very limited) Unfortunately I spent 8 minutes verifying this fact reading the bus schedule on the bus shelter over and over again, making sure the monday-friday schedule definitely didn't apply to Saturday, and that the 7:45 bus won't get downtown until 8:25, and so on. This left me with 22 minutes to travel the two and a half miles to work. And it was all downhill and right when I was tiring I ran up to a big helpful sign proclaiming "Beach Boardwalk- 1 1/2 miles" and so I ran on, and got to work 4 minutes late.

I was shocked. That is a ten and a half minute mile, in crap shoes carrying a bag and a coat, first thing in the morning. That is how fast I could run when running was a daily school task. (I am not a fast person. I look a lot like a My Little Pony but mysteriously that does not make me fast.)

Have I mentioned my addictive personality? (It's mitigated by my short attention span.) I am taking up running.

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Caitlan said...

I was reading about boot camp to see if I could plausibly do my own but spread out over a longer period because that flip your legs over your head and climb a level of a fort thing is awesome, and I think I can already pass the entrance physical for the army.