Thursday, September 18, 2008


I booked myself for one night less than I need at the hostel. How likely is it that my iq is actually negative? I guess I'm bunking in the storage shed (it's a victorian cottage too, just full of cleaning supplies and a cot). How did I do that? So I think I'll stay up all night, since that is more appealing than unfolding a little cot. I am excited to stay up all night, work all day tomorrow for the last day of paint crew, and then bus home to oakland. It's the kind of mind meltingly grueling thing I usually do to mark transitions.

In other news, I live somewhere! I have a roommate and a housemate and a kitchen and it's in the suburbs. I have issues with the suburbs, but these are the overrun-with-students suburbs and I'll just have to cope.

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