Saturday, September 13, 2008

Conspiracy Theory 4

Why are americans fat? "Leisure and surplus" is the automatic response, but in a way we have had those things since the industrial revolution and people were never as fat as they are now. My real theory about this is that food is nutritionally bereft and people need to consume more calories for the same amount of nutrients, but my conspiracy theory is that something is going to go down, something huge. We have the same amount(ish) of food as our parents, but we are gaining weight like crazy. Poor people, everyone, even movie stars look fatter than people in movies from the 1990s and earlier. Collectively, we can take on a huge famine. I don't know if the collective unconscious is promoting this idea, or if corporations are subtly suggesting it to us, but there it is. If a pound of fat has enough calories to live for 2 days, and we are an average of (totally guessing) 20 lbs overweight, that is almost a month and a half of extra survival. Getting people to store their own emergency rations, in their bodies, means the national budget does not have to do so. The other benefit is that, Soylent Green aside, no other nation or rebels can seize our rations for themselves.

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