Friday, November 2, 2012

Stamp Carving, Hiding

I decided that the reason I haven't been out to plant my Gallaudet letterbox is my stamp is too junky. It actually was the best I could do with a used x-acto with no handle, but I am a sculptor and I make good things. 

 This stamp is based on the motif all over the gorgeous gothic revival buildings. It's simple but I focused on my line weights and took my time.
I spent nearly as long camouflaging the mini box. I have green nail polish, but it is glittery, so I made this urban disguise from pink, translucent white, and black. The usual way to hide these is with a zip-tie. One side stays on the zip tie permanently and can't get misplaced, and the other side can carry the stamp and logbook away someplace private.

Even though the box and stamp are so small, the scroll logbook is around 2"x40".

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