Thursday, November 8, 2012


Not having plans on a Thursday is comfortable and I can hang out alone in my room happily, but not having plans on a Saturday is a bit sad. I feel I should make more of an effort, get out of the house. To me, Thanksgiving feels like a Thursday.

Other days, I am sad to be 3,000 miles from family but on Thanksgiving, I will be relieved to be excused from eating all sorts of amazing creations in front of seriously a lot of people. I have a little bit of food anxiety all the time, and Thanksgiving features:
-not eating all day to preserve my appetite
-only food available is labor intensive and not to my taste
-I am supposed to be extra doubly grateful for the food.

I have been privately relishing the prospect of macaroni and cheese for one, but when the time came to buy the mac and cheese and I told my boyfriend my plans, he was sad. Thanksgiving is like a Saturday to him. I feel a bit cheated of my guilt-free, solitary Thanksgiving but I will do what I can to make him feel like part of a community. We checked in with his East Coast relatives and they are in Europe or on the West Coast. So... now what? Do we drive 600+ miles to Georgia or Indiana? I am calling around to local soup kitchens but so far they are all full up.

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