Thursday, November 22, 2012

JET Application In!

I finally got my JET application filled out and printed and signed and tripled! Exciting! I hand-delivered it to the embassy, which was so fun. It's a huge and kind of rococo building with vaguely Japanese grounds. I'd never been to the Japanese Embassy because their events are held at the Cultural Center in a different part of town. Walking Embassy Row is like seeing an architecture parade. Some of the embassies are only the width of a row house, even for big countries. My favorite thing was the super casual Indian Embassy with diplomats' bikes out front. Casey's favorite was seeing the twin of his great old Volvo with diplomat plates. 

The application calls for a number of supporting documents that have to be requested from school, physician, and references, and the year's guidelines are only released a month before they are due (and the exact release date is not revealed in advance) so it was a lot of effort to get everything in order. I was so grateful to my reference letter writers that I wanted to make them something intricate and time consuming like cut paper. Except, I didn't want to look like I spent longer on the notes than they did on the letters, so I made pop ups. 

 DC->;Tokyo, with "thanks" in between. I haven't done pop ups recently so I used a technique I saw online and I ordered The Paper Architect from the library.
My little inked watercolors came out pretty nice. I spent all this time cutting and painting and working out the placement and then I pressed the card closed triumphantly (b/c pop up) and it was blank. I hadn't planned anything for the front. I didn't want to spend any more time fiddling with paper scraps and glue, so I did the Japanese flag in watercolor+salt. 

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