Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gallaudet Letterbox

I first heard of Gallaudet in high school. I had a hearing housemate who went there, and she was delightful and whenever we went out she would somehow notice and meet deaf people. But she didn't mention that Gallaudet is made of castles, so I got to discover that for myself yesterday. The architecture was just stunning and lovely but I felt sooo awkward walking around campus by myself, thinking that someone would try to put me at my ease by talking to me in ASL and I would be too shy to say hello, or girl, or thank you. I reminded myself that everyone at Gallaudet knows lots of hearing people, but I felt like such an intruder. Casey met up with me after he got out of work, and I felt much more comfortable with someone to talk to. 
Before Casey met me I just wandered around in a daze, taking effortless photos of amazing architecture. I studied contemporary architecture as a visual art in college, but I didn't know what anything was supposed to be.
 This is the gym. The website says it's in the Queen Anne style. But that is a Tudor building..
I have been meaning to plant a letterbox in DC, so I scouted for spots. The campus is urban, so I expect maintenance crews repair everything all day long, but I did find a currently neglected hidey hole. I spent an hour and a half carving this stamp.
 It is so sloppy, but I think people will still like finding it. It is mostly sloppy because I am out of practice. But also, I had to improvise an x-acto knife

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