Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Air fresheners don't smell clean to me. They smell like not inhaling, or breathing shallowly, until I get to fresh air. My live in landlord really, really believes in air fresheners. In our halls, there aren't very many outlets so he has them plugged into daisy chained extension cords. We unplugged the ones in our room, and I keep the window open with the fan running full time. So that's nice. But walking to the kitchen in an artificial flower haze is really unappetizing. So is the kitchen.

When we moved in, he said he was planning to handle the roaches in a few days. I assumed that meant he had started removing them and expected to be finished in a few days, and then 14 days later he put in traps and baits. So our kitchen was kind of usable. I would rewash the dishes and cooking tools I needed and then balance them on stove burners and hold them in my arms, carrying them with me if I went to our room to get pantry things. I got pretty good at sequencing. And then he painted the sink with bathtub paint and told us not to use it for three days, to use the bathroom sink instead.

Yesterday a stranger was fixing the wooden bars over my window when  I woke up. I was kind of alarmed and upset because the drilling was amplified and I hadn't been warned or anything. I realized that I need to move, since this house doesn't provide normal house things like privacy and food prep space. I feel weird though, because if my landlord weren't here actively making it unlivable, it would be cute and fine and in a part of town where I'm pretty comfortable. And he's really nice. And one time he opened one of my letters because he thought it was to his sister. Although his sister doesn't live here, I live here, and also it had my name on it because it was a letter to me.


Diane Dew said...

Sorry to hear that your landlord is making the place uninhabitable. I totally agree about air fresheners. Yuck.

Caitlan said...

Thanks Diane. We even have an air freshener above the door, like a doorbell, that goes off when you walk past. But, I found more things I like about the neighborhood (a public aquatic garden and a laundromat run by a self proclaimed "Business Tycoon")and I calmed down about wanting to move.