Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My new 1930s hotel room bedroom

Our sublet ended and we moved four miles from Maryland to DC! I am going to vote (spoiler) for the President from the President's backyard! I am going to give blood at the Library of Congress! I am going to find a job of some kind! I love fresh starts. 
This classy enormous chair is in my bedroom. My landlord is a really good decorator, where good=enthusiastic.

 This is inside our front door. Our front hall is like a slightly generous hall split in two and one half is a staircase. So it's a single-file sort of situation.
 There are pinwheels and flamingos and tinsel and marbles all over outside, which makes a nice effect but a poor photo, so here is a cute photo of a plant on our awesome porch.
 What is this? I love it.
 I am a glamorous lady in my green, white, black and red bedroom. I even have a fireplace just to hold my vintage suitcases. And, even though none of the furnishings are ours except the bedding, Casey and I are nearly matching the room in classiness. We got a second iron at Goodwill so that we can more easily look neat and pressed all the time, and we write letters in fountain pen to our friends, families, or mentors every day.
Also, our entire house is seeded with plug in air fresheners, we share a bathroom with 4 other people, our kitchen is unusable for an indelicate reason, guests are forbidden, and emergency response teams /police work hard on our street all night long. I really hope we can handle those things so we can stay.

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