Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Silver in the Mail

I went away for a long weekend, and when I got back I had any number of mailbox presents! Besides correspondence, I had three silvery treats. 
 Janitor's Keys Charm, $8 from etsy (sold as Realtor's Keys)
Costume earrings from a website called 1saleaday.com that discounts things by 90 or 95%- I wouldn't give them my credit card number but I have ordered two things marked down 100% with no hassle.
Custom Collar Stays from etsy's Tesoro Jewelry, $17.25. I don't think a lifetime of tidy collars is worth $17. I love that an unknown percentage of men carry around little love notes from their partner or children in their collars, and I wanted Casey to be included in their number.

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