Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Transcontinental Letterbox

At either end of Route 50, there is a highway sign that tells you how far the opposite end is. I carved a pair of letterboxing stamps for these signs. Here is a picture of me with the one in California: 

It was kind of an awkward place for a letterbox, but I figure if someone is already getting out to get their picture taken, I am not encouraging dangerous highway behavior, maybe. Each letterbox is in a camo pouch. You can see it's the stamp I used for the Transamerica 2012 postcards. 

 Here is a photo of how good I hid it. The freeway shoulder area was very barren, so I stuck it down alongside one of the sign posts.
 I'm not listing the letterbox on atlasquest until I get the pouch planted at the Eastern terminus. I live 144 miles from Ocean City, so it's too far to go just for this, but I have never swum in the Atlantic Ocean so I'll have to before I move home. Hopefully the pouch in CA isn't removed before I have it up.

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