Saturday, July 7, 2012

I accidentally moved to the south.

I am sure I'm not the first person this has happened to, but it took me a super long time to catch on, considering that I have heat fatigue every day and it doesn't even get cool at night. Before we moved to the DC area from Nor Cal, I compared the forecast in both places, and the forecast for DC was absurd- 90 degrees and day after day of thunderstorms. I discounted this as a fluke, and wondered what the weather might actually be like. When we drove into Maryland from Pennsylvania, Casey spotted the Mason-Dixon line marker, but I was shouting, "Welcome to Maryland!" or something and I didn't see it.

We'd been in Maryland for four days and two thunderstorms when a comment of Casey's tipped me off. We were in DC, sweating, and I was saying what a terrible climate for something as crowded as a capital and he said that putting the capital in the South was part of a compromise way back when. And I thought, wait. If the capital is in the South, and my town borders the capital... I live in the South. I don't think this is entirely my fault- why are there even houses here for me to sublet? And then today he said something else, about the heatwave ending, and I perked right up. Heatwaves end! And then I will be able to go outside without carrying/drinking a gallon of water that then escapes through my skin.

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