Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free matter for the blind

I signed up for a heap of free samples and brochures and things last week, and this is what arrived today:
It's a sample of contact lens solution and a braille alphabet card, or, "FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND." So at first I felt extremely terrible, like I was defrauding the American Foundation for the Blind. In front of my postman. I tried to remember whether I defrauded them deliberately. But when I inspected the letter I learned more about blindness when I saw that the flap was tucked in instead of glued, and that reminded me that the AFB is just increasing my understanding of accessibility. And then I realized they just make good use of their free or reduced postage. (working at the post office I learned that its only subsidies are for military and disabled voters, but this sure looks like FREE: MATTER FOR THE BLIND postage.)

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