Thursday, July 19, 2012


Casey and I both love to get mail, but since we moved in together/moved to the East coast, his main correspondent (me) prefers not to use up stamps to send him letters, and I can't do something cute like fill our mailbox with confetti because we share it with our housemate (also I am sure it is a crime.) He asks every day if he has any mail, and so far he hasn't got one piece. But, I remembered that you can get all sorts of little free samples by mail, and I spent an evening signing him up. I know from doing this once before that you don't get real-life spammed forever, so I know it won't plague our housemates after our very short sublet is up. Our correspondence chess days may be over, but he'll be getting toothpaste and vitamins and bumper stickers  in four to six weeks.

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