Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I Would Save In A Fire (in progress)

Sitting in my parent's attic surrounded by junk I kept asking myself "weould I save this in a fire?" and the answer was no to all of it. The clothes in the attic that I spared in previous cullings are special only because of who owned them before me. There is a maternity dress that my mother wore when she was pregnant with me, but in twenty three years the medallions have bled their color onto the surrounding lace, and the collar has become dated. There is a shoulder padded white suit covered in fabric flowers that my step grandmother gave me (or maybe my grandad sent it to me after she left him?) that for some reason I wore to highschool graduation. There are the wonderful curtains my Nana made for our last house- victorian old world monkeys for our victorian parlor. My brother's impossibly tiny shirt covered in 15 year old food stains. And I cut them all up and am sewing them together into What I Would Save In A Fire.

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