Friday, February 11, 2011

Field Trip: Cream From the Top

I went on a really interesting field trip yesterday. We saw Cream from the Top, which was a show of recent mfa grads.
There was a little environment made of colored tape, and a video camera put everything on a monitor in the environment and projected elsewhere in the gallery. The artist is Aleksander Bohnak. I liked that it was chaotic and colorful.
Weirdly, I could not find the name label for these amazing unmilled wood strip boats. This is a picture I took from underneath.
The iron details were really nice.
My favorite thing was called Family Camp at dusk, and it was a lot of oozy figures on a grassy hill that were really tender and funny. The artist who made it is Brynda Glazier, and it was her only piece in the show.
Other things I liked but didn't get pictures of were Mara Baldwin's disarticulated bed sheets, where she cut the pattern out of a sheet leaving the rest intact, and the pattern in a little pile, and Dana Hemenway's video installation that was just artificial rocks. After a while, it got very funny to see how many kinds of artificial rocks there are. They were mostly the landscaping kind, but also the ones at Disneyland.

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