Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fastuary is over!

Fastuary is over! The rule was if it got in the way of my real obligations it was over, and it did. I had two crits back to back yesterday, which are three hour sessions of looking at 20 student's art including my own, and talking about it really in depth. The second round of crits was performance pieces, so I had to perform something for everyone.

I woke up early and spent every minute of my day prepping and double checking. I paid to park on campus so I would be able to carry my props and sculpture and canvases and materials for my seminar class easily. And my whole day consisted of repairing the mistakes I made. My phone was a main prop for my second piece, and I made it to campus without it and had to go home. I was still on time to my painting crit, but I expected to have an hour to flesh out a piece that I'm excited about that is very unfinished, and i didn't.

Oh, it doesn't take an hour to get home and back by car. But when my first choice remote lot was completely full, I chose to drive the mile across campus to the other lot instead of driving back to the base and up the other side of campus. That mile took me 17 minutes. There are 13 stopsigns, which I knew, and two of them are tended at busy times by students in safety yellow gloves, and there were two delivery trucks on the main road which brought us down to one lane to share, and a bit of road construction that did the same, but at least that one had a guy with a slow/stop sign. I finally parked in the far lot, found I didn't have my phone, drove home, got it, drove back, parked, got on the shuttle (the art department is a long walk from East Remote) and found it was the wrong shuttle, but it got me to class eventually.

The whole time (in between reassuring myself that i had everything under control) I was telling myself that -of course- it was a horrible day because I had two crits. But, in class I realized that 3 other people are also taking both classes, and all three of them kept it together just fine. So between my second and third crit, I decided to get something hot to eat, which in the short term was an oily mistake but by the time I got home I was feeling good.

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