Saturday, October 30, 2010


I hate when something that should be easy is impossible and it is people's fault but not any person's fault. I went down to the courthouse 58 days after getting a ticket that I was supposed to handle before 60 days. I left it late because I wanted to get a notice. I didn't want to go down so I tried to pay online, which didn't work so I tried to phone but after an hour on hold I decided it would save time just to go downtown.

The woman there told me that they are behind entering tickets so I should get a notice in the next three weeks and then I have to pay it within 45 days. Then she signed off (or something) that I had done my duty of coming to the courthouse within 60 days. So far I have spent 3 1/2 hours trying to pay this ticket. They drag the process out really far, which I guess works because I will feel like I am being punished for more than four months total, or more if I had to pay in installments.

That is probably also why the building, which is full of plants and windows and sculptures, is so awful.
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