Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rocky Horror Picture Show

last night I went to rocky horror for the first time and I was very surprised by how unsexy lewdness is. I can see that a camp performance accompanying a classic camp movie with extensive audience participation could be fantastic but Rocky Horror wasn't it for me. Why was the trans main character a sexually predatory alien? That was continuously uncomfortable- I don't care if it was parody, because now it's not because I have never ever seen anything it was based on.
Because of The Rocky Horror Glee Show I was prepared for someone to use a wheelchair who isn't a wheelchair user in real life but when he wheeled over to the stairs and tipped off the chair to run down them it was an upsetting image and I couldn't figure out if there was a ramp anywhere so that someone who couldn't run could be in this production if they wanted. And I didn't want to yell "slut" all the time, partly because the people I was with had been talking in similar terms about the partygoers we passed on our way there. (I helped because I didn't tell them to stop.)

I was sober for the hour long preshow yelling activity because the lights were on and I didn't feel like drinking beer in a lit auditorium because most people were drinking out of plastic containers, not alcohol bottles. Then I had 24 oz of beer, kind of quickly because I was dehydrated, and then I was quietly charmed by how much there was to look at and how things went with other things.

Then a hundred years later the show ended and I offered to drive two people home on the second policiest night of the year after tonight. (actually there are so many police on foot downtown on the 31st that the 30th might have been policier for drivers) When I got home and got into bed I was dizzy and I realized I had not been perfectly good to drive. I had just been having such a bad time I couldn't imagine feeling that way under the influence. But just now I looked up a BAC chart and it said it was fine, so maybe I was just dizzy from tiredness or sequins.

In conclusion, as long as I'm not going to have any fun no matter what, I might as well do it at home where it's safe.

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