Wednesday, October 27, 2010

too tired to 'make my senior year count' today.

I have class in five minutes, then I have 20 minutes to pick up the camcorder I have reserved, then I have class! And I am not doing it! I spent the last 4 days working constantly on something for my video class, and then I handed it in and slept for 14 hours, ate breakfast and killed half the ants in my kitchen, and now I have to go! I am a tiny bit sick (just my throat and sinuses, I don't feel a fever) but well enough to leave home for a few hours if I wrap up.

The reason I don't want to go to my history of costume class is it is too easy. Our prompt for our page-long midterm project includes the instruction: "Please see me or Christina immediately in office hours or by appointment if you have never created a document using images and text." you know what, there is no way in hell I would make an appointment to tell a professor I had never created a document using images and text. I would find the image tool in a text document or the text tool in an image document or I would ask for help from someone who was not going to be grading me.

The reason I don't want to go to my metal sculpture class is it is too hard. Also I skipped it on Monday without asking because I had damaged my wrist holding the camcorder and didn't want to damage it further working at the anvil, which is my favorite thing in the metal shop. I was right near the department but I was scared if I went into the shop I would get excited and sit down at the anvil and bang out a squid and ruin my wrist forever. But it's so loud, and it will be such a hassle to get out of my gloves and face shield every 30 seconds to sneeze*, and it smells like burning, and it's three hours long, and I didn't buy materials to work on my project that's due in one week, and I didn't think of a new project that I want to do now that I finished my first "draft" of the project and am disenchanted with it. (it's a parachute/lightbulb shape frame with a screaming thing in it that if you turn it the right way up doesn't scream, and I was going to do a series but now I'm not.)

This isn't the plan I developed for myself. Metal Sculpture and Digital Video are absolutely perfect for me, and I had planned to spend all my time on them, except for an hour a day or so to go swimming and eat vitamins which would together keep my body in good enough condition to do all the work I ask of it. Hmph.

*written out that sounds like overkill but these are not dry sneezes...

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