Tuesday, October 12, 2010

today so far

I had class from 9-10 this morning. I got up at 7:20 because I hadn't done the reading. I was unbelievably exhausted considering I have been getting a lot of sleep and eating really well for the past two days. I drove to campus, parked at the base, got the bus, then walked. I allowed 40 minutes for this process and it took 38 minutes. I was practically dead in class. For example, as we were leaving the girl who had been sitting beside me left her sweater behind and first I couldn't figure out what words to say so I was silent, and then as I walked after her, still trying to figure out how to put "sweater" into a sentence, I lost track of which of the three people walking in front of me had been sitting next to me for an hour. Of course, if I had my sentence prepared I could have just said it and whichever one was sans sweater could go and get it, but by the time I realized that they were gone. I was so tired that I took the core bus* to the loop bus to my car. I think the time sitting in the sun did me good, but it might have been better to get my blood moving by walking a bit.

Then I told myself I would not go to sleep because I had class at one pm and I would go to safeway and shoot the second half of a shooting lab assignment so I could work on it in class but instead I made stovetop popcorn, drank water, ate a handful of vitamins, and sat under my blanket for an hour. I feel a lot better.

*on my campus everything is very spread out to make room for the trees, and I love that. However, although almost everything on campus is conveniently accessible by taking one of the 3 campus buses or the 6 city buses, only one bus goes through the center of campus. That is where the library, theater arts, arts, tutoring, and music center all are, aka everywhere I have to be this quarter except the computer lab.

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Robert van de Walle said...

Wow, Caitlan without words!?