Thursday, June 3, 2010

Living in SC for summer!

I found somewhere excellent to live! This is the first time I have done that, so I was super happy. It's with 2 students from china, a PhD student, and in an attached unit a professor. And it is beautiful, with a garden like a riot, climbing the walls. And it is .9 miles from the beach, although the beach I like is 2 miles away. I will start moving in this Friday or Saturday. I can spend all week finals week moving, because I don't have any final exams, just open studios (tomorrow!) and a final paper (I don't remember when it is due! My prof said whenever is fine, as long as he gets it, and do it a few days before that if you are turning it in by email in case he can't open the file).

And I can't wait to start working, work crew on campus is a little bit hard at first with the stairs and the working for 8 hours but it is very easy since you just paint walls white, and sometimes related tasks like patching a wall or cleaning a wall, and there are only coworkers and not customers. When I have jobs with customers I like nearly all of them, but the 3 or so people in a shift who are awful are just so hard to recover from. Because if it is that hard for them to order chicken nicely, how ruined must their lives be by that kind of behavior? And so I feel bad for them and it gets me down. I am actually super good at customer service though, as far as I can tell, because I am friendly and patient. And it definitely depends what the environment is- when I worked at Alameda Natural Grocery I think I had fewer than 3 difficult customers the whole time I was there. Maybe even fewer, because a lady getting mad that I don't know how to ring up her EBT is not really a difficult customer, because it is reasonable of her to feel that way, unlike at EPL where people would get mad that we didn't have a drive through, that my coworkers were bilingual, that they lost their coupon, that we cost more than taco bell (I always wanted to say "you know what's not more expensive than taco bell?" but of course I didn't) Anyway. So glad that I can live in SC without working at a restaurant this summer.

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