Monday, June 14, 2010

All about Ke$ha

who I would love so hard but I don't because she is mean.
Blah Blah Blah

When this is on the radio I think about the boys I don't want to date who flirt with me, and how I am independent. So, that is the radio message of it, and the music video is a lot different. She tapes up and strips a man for bothering her, which is uncomfortable to watch, but she also jumps really high and looks messy, so I like that part. I don't like that the only reasons she shows not to date the men (in the video part, not the lyrics) are because she finds out one has a small penis when she strips him (at 1:12)and another one has a toupee when she grabs his hair and messes it up (at 2:43). So while hair and penises are nice, the only way she finds out whether she likes someone is by mussing and fondling strangers, in which case maybe talking might be a more thorough and less antagonistic screening method.

Your Love is my Drug

Again, I liked this song on the radio and found the music video awful. I like stable slow relationships, but I like imagining for the duration of this song that I am spontaneous and do impractical relationships.

So Ke$ha and her man wake up in Africa, and I was like "I hope this is not racist" and it looked promising when she was crawling around with a white tiger head on but then she was dancing under a blacklight in uv paint that mimicked tribal paint with a snake draped on her shoulders.

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