Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lighted Sculpture: Squid Lamp

I used what I learned from the Branch to make this one. It's encouraging because there is a clear upward trend in the execution of my ideas. Here is the shape I started with:
I liked it because it looked cheerful. I like to test different things though so I turned all the sticks to curve in.
I liked that a lot, and I used nylons to create a shade, stiffened with fabric stiffener, and now I am going to paint it. I think pink.

The tentacle sticks ended up bent farther in than I intended because of tension from the nylons. I suspected it would pull them in a bit but tried to minimize the tension. The way they are pulled in makes the shadow neat. Instead of the five points of shadow it had when I tested it it has a flower shape. I think it will get sharper once I paint the nylon.

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