Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lighted Sculpture Progress 1

Well I went to Ikea for basic lamps to illuminate my lighted sculptures. I found one I was interested in called Sunnan, which is 19.99, solar powered, and when you buy one one is given to a child who hasn't got electricity. I was interested in it because it is self contained, cordless, and since I am doing sort of plant-like organic lamps I like that it interacts with the sun. However, 19.99 is only kind of in my budget. If I bought it I wouldn't be able to buy other lamps, which I do need (though trying to figure out how I could buy the Sunnan I tried to figure out whether I could use only christmas lights my family already has for the other lamps, whether I could decorate my bed lamp, etc.), or if I bought other lamps I can't order liquid latex. So I bypassed it. I told myself I didn't want it anyway because warm light is very important for the aesthetic I want.

I ended up buying 2 lamp bases from the as-is section and one from the regular section. I spent 10.96 and I was really happy with that. I found lightbulbs for the 2 that were sold without, and started playing with making shades.

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