Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Learning About Allergies

I have been reading up on allergies for a few days and they are terrible! Especially for a person with several allergies! My roommate is allergic to wheat and dairy. The wheat is like poison and the dairy is alright if she takes a dairy digesting pill with it. We eat together a little, like if the dining hall has something wheat free she'll eat that and I'll eat whatever looks good, or at home we've both boiled spaghetti, hers rice and mine flour, and then had everything else the same.

It seems like of all the allergies hers isn't too bad for cravings and nutrition, she can have all the foodgroups and can get her carbohydrates from rice, potatos, and all kinds of unusual flour. But for convenience and joining in at others' meals it is a terrible allergy. Tonight I made myself a pizza and it reminded me to look up gluten free pizza dough. All the recipes I saw required xanthan gum (makes it sticky and hold together) and some had as many as 5 flours (white rice, brown rice, tapioca, sorghum, and chickpea flour. Idk why they left out cornmeal flour while they were at it because that is what you put on the pizza pan to make the bottom nice, and what's one more?). Well, that is quite a lot to buy to make something I don't know what it is supposed to look like or how to tell if the dough is all right, so I told her how daunting it seemed and she said that she'll pick up the premixed dough. Well, alright. That's not how I roll but she has a point.

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