Tuesday, January 19, 2010

God Dream

I have only had a few really, really uplifting dreams in my life, and they make me feel uplifted for weeks when I think of them. I intermittently keep a dream journal but I don't have time in the morning considering how ordinary my dreams are usually.

Anyway. I was playing on a playground with other children, and a hole opened up in the ground. it was full of water and many of us fell in. The older children and teachers gathered instead of running, and helped us out from smallest to biggest. I was second. There were a few kids left in the hole who couldn't be fished out when it started deepening and shrinking away from us. I didn't want them to be alone so I dove in again. I think I died, because then I was in God's Library. It looked like a perfect diorama of some region, but instead of a horizon there were books all around. I didn't know how I got there and I felt I wasn't allowed. I was the height of a medium to small sized book. There were lots of rooms but I couldn't get into them. Then by running into a glass door I got it to open enough to slip through. This room was more protected, and a rhino headed angel guard went after me to keep me away. I hid amongst the books and took peeks at them, trying to remember everything I could because when would i ever get another chance? The rhino angel shot at me with arrows, but I dove into the large, clean diorama to evade him. I wanted to get out of the library and fly in the sky, but I couldn't find any way out of the library. Then I did and it was lovely.

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