Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sculpture 1

I am taking my first community college art class at Contra Costa College. It is really different than art at UCSC [I have only 1 studio course under my belt there, although I do have 2 courses that were lectures with a TA supervised studio component] because it is not very strict. There are several high school students, people without art training, even some people without art interest (who need to get the GE for their AA I suppose) as well as some intermediate and advanced students. Most of the advanced students are older women and men who are artists in other disciplines. So there is a huge range of inclinations and abilities, and it is a lot of fun to see what everyone comes up with for each assignment (only the beginning students have to work on the same assignments though.)

I am making this terrible thing. It is our first free sculpture, and the prompt was to make a vehicle or anything you want. I went with anything I want, and I have a crooked stack of semispheres. It is so bad. I can't stand how bad it is. But, over the weekend thinking about it I decided to make it more sea creaturey, and I am excited about it again. I am going to hollow it as best I can, and cover it in appendages and textures, mainly tentacles of course but also some shapes I am lifting from Chihuly's venetian vases and seaforms.

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