Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sculpture 1 Masks

Made some tiny masks for art class, not an assignment but in order to kill time- we had to be there to dip our lost wax pieces but we had finished all our assignments except those still in the kiln, and also there was no guarantee that we would get to use the kiln this term, because the pieces need to be bone dry to go in which takes a few days, and the kiln was to be loaded the next day. So, we made very small pieces. I had nothing kicking around in my brain, no half concept to flesh out into a little creation, so I very boringly made little faces with slight variations that I reasoned I could paint vibrantly when I was feeling more creative. Today was a day for finishing pieces, and I used my little pieces to test how successful different techniques for applying acrylic paint to bisqueware are. It turns out that if you shellac it first with a spray varnish the clay will not absorb water from the paint and make it blotchy. (I thought we were supposed to shellac after painting). So, I made 5 lopsided little faces. 2 were bad enough to toss (I thought a seahorse nose and a single tentacle for hair would look playfully oceanic but it didn't work) and I don't like the orange one very much but I think three of something has a lot less pressure on each component than 2 does. The antlers are made of twigs that I hotglued into holes. The moon is iridescent.

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