Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sculpture 1: student choice

This is what I made on Thursday. I envisioned it being this great celestial/global/starmap/genesis model of creation/lunar/orrery thing, but for some mysterious reason it didn't pan out. The spheres kept sagging from the weight of the clay and after a while I began to suspect I was subconsciously copying my friend's sculpture, which was of a very large peapod.
So I brainstormed this weekend and decided to layer a lot of ocean dweller features onto it, until it was freaking amazing and opulent and creepy. So far everyone has unanimously described it as "cute".

The second I test-fit it on the tentacles I was in love.
Nearly 6 hours of work later, I have this.

I think all of the features are complete but I still have to do textures. I am doing a seahorse based organic but angular windowpane texture on the large globe. So far I have 5 of 30 panels completed. Oooooh noooo it is going to take so long. The divisions are based on where the tentacles lie, but the three evenly spaced lobster claws don't match up and I am just going to have to ignore that. The weird unattached fish item was going to be poking out of the hole but now I think a smaller tentacled item might be best. I have not picked a texture or anything for the small bowl thing at the top.

(Again, not my art, it is from etsy and I did not write down the artist, ugh) I thought some sort of things like this, little feelers or something, but that means I will have to individually attach like 50 little feelers. Oh, wait, I can put its hippo eye in its top of head bowl. Ok.

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