Friday, August 3, 2012


Today I was going to study kanji all day long. I did a great job until my internet broke. I was so wiped out that I just took a nap. Even thought it was only noon. So, the highlight of my day was getting! the! mail! 
 This is detergent to put in the washer, in a box that looks like a washer. Why have I ever sent a package that didn't look like an appliance or a fish or an apartment building? Never again.
 Wisconsin sent Casey this awesome chart of cheeses. It makes me want cheese sooo much.
 I ordered Kenmore's free stamp catalog because their website is enormous. It came with all these stamps for me to mail back. It is kind of neat to see them. This is the only one I wanted, and it was bundled with a dozen other Australian stamps, so I guess I will send it back and use my coupon on a different order.
 It's fair to pay them something to dig through their albums and bins to find me a $.50 1931 red cross stamp, but $4 seems like a lot of shipping for something weightless (if you order a half-pound it will have 1,200- 3,000 stamps) and flat.
If I had a child to tend we would so much fun learning about history through stamps. And, I could pretend I was only napping to show them that getting plenty of sleep is cool and fun.

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