Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I used to feel so bad for people who don't live near an ichibankan, who have to pay ebay $5 for food picks shaped like pandas, and now I'm one of them. Of course we stocked up at the Union City Daiso before we left California, but I didn't understand what it would be like out here. I didn't realize it was the Oregon Trail so I only bought one. 

Casey takes his $1.50, 100ml box to work every day, and the lid cracked and a latch snapped off. I think we got a good amount of use out of it, but there's no way to get another. All of my boxes are sized for toddler or lady appetites so he's using the biggest intact box, which is shaped like a strawberry. It's aggressively cute, but it is hard to pack because foods aren't that shape and the top layer is very shallow. 

The latches also snapped off of my Daiso bento box before I used it very much, but I don't blame them because we were using it to hold a pound of butter that kept melting and hardening in the trunk and while it was melted we opened it and butter got in the gasket and latches and made it super hard to close. So that was more our fault. 

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