Monday, August 27, 2012

National Postal Museum

On Saturday I took the subway to the National Postal Museum. It's in a beautiful tall, stone building, but I didn't really take photos because there was no natural light. The current exhibit shows artifacts and mail from the Hindenburg and the Titanic. 

 I got to use this postmark to cancel some letters I'd brought with me.
The NPS puts on an event called "Build a Topical Stamp Collection" where you get to dig through plastic tubs of donated stamps and pick out six to take home. It was amazingly fun to see and hold all the tiny art from the whole past century and all over the world. Casey doesn't care for collecting things but he actually enjoyed it because he loves nations and the world. Still, he only found four stamps that he wanted so I got to pick two extra. 

My "stamp collection" didn't really have a topic, but I picked mostly contemporary foreign animal stamps: 1960 Camp Fire Girls, 37c American Flag, German line drawing, Luxembourg Owl, Czech Republic Owl, Swedish Hedgehog, Finnish Penguins, and Chinese birds. I like full color stamps that are water activated rather than stickers, so that means contemporary foreign stamps.

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