Monday, January 2, 2012

Portholes for the Sub

Today I worked a little on my car. I thought the next step was a second coat of gold, so I didn't want to spend the money until I found work. And then I got a gift certificate from Blick for Christmas. But I didn't spend anything after all, because when I was evaluating the car today I decided the next step was some portholes fashioned after the stained glass rose windows you get in cathedrals, and ended up making them with things I had on hand.  
 The silver one is sharpie, and the copper one is vinyl. I had never used a French curve before and it was easy to get the hang of.
Getting the copper one onto the glass was super hard. I started at the left corner and everything got all broken and tangled. I put it right but it's still wrinkly. I am afraid they just look like designs rather than like windows, because there is no light streaming through them. They look very much like windows from inside. 

I must have spent ten hours of my life just thinking of names for this thing. I think there might not be anything to call it. Some things are like that. I know it's a super-terra, but it has been since Nissan made the blank. (That is what plain action figures are called before you paint them, and I invented calling cars that before they get art on them, because I have the hang of words.)  And of course I've got to name it myself. Maybe this is why, against probability, boats have all got the worst name. 

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Diane Dew said...

That is super-cool, Caitlan!