Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Resolution Update

My January resolution was to focus on nutrition. I'm halfway through January, and have made half of the recipes I planned to try. But, I have not been buying the groceries that make me feel energetic, light, and healthy, like nutritional yeast and coconut oil and couscous. 

I gave blood the other day and my iron is high (this was a nice surprise, since I have had trouble keeping it up in the past) but so is my blood pressure. I am not going to worry about that since I didn't do any prep like skipping caffeine or calming down. Still, it is a good call for proper stewardship of my body. 

I was sooo excited when this arrived.
  It's my resolution postcard arrived from Hershey, PA. Every month I am going to make a postcard representing my resolution, and mail it to the postmaster of a town with a relevant name, so he or she can mail it back to me with their local postmark. 
The only reason for this is it gives me something fun to do at the start of the month to kick off the resolution, then it gives me something to look forward to for two weeks, and then when it arrives it reminds me to stick to my resolution.

This resolution is too gradual and easy for the short timeline of a month of focus, so I am changing it a bit. I will still make the remaining healthy recipes, but I will also eat a little bit of protein every morning and pack myself good & balanced bentos for work. I got my bento book out of my storage unit, and I am excited! 

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