Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dressember 7th

The first week of Dressember has been fun! I love dresses and it's nice to have a motivation to wear them. Santa Cruz has been having a little bit of a warm spell (mid 60s) so I have taken advantage of that by wearing summer dresses for the past three days. Two of my housemates are informally Dressembering with me (that is, not documenting it and not worrying if they don't feel like wearing dresses) and we all look so cute all the time. I didn't go as far as the mailbox today since I had to study for Thursday's final but getting dressed made me feel more productive and less like lounging.

This is my first internet fashion challenge and I actually really like it. I like seeing the British Dressemberers being creative with layers upon layers of warm accessories, and i love that a couple of men are participating. And it's fun having strangers "like" my clothes. I hope I'm getting styling ideas from how cute everyone is but it doesn't seem attainable. The things I like are like having pale skin and dark short hair, or mixing disparate colors perfectly.

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