Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Dress

I kind of know that at some point someone has paid full price for most of the wonderful things thrift stores are stuffed with, but it wasn't me. And yet, on Christmas Eve I bought myself a dress at a discount retail store, Ross Dress for Less. I hung it over the rail of my bed to take a picture, and now it is off-gassing a sickly sweet smell. How novel.

I tried it on for something to do while I waited for my brother to finish selecting gifts, and it suited me very nicely. But, I already have a sleeveless party dress with a sash that I don't wear because it's not warm and it's fancy; I don't need two.

I reasoned that I should put the dress back because I will only be young enough to wear a frothy pink dress for like 2 more years, and there is no way I would get twenty five dollars of use out of a fancy dress in 2 years, and that made me sad because I want to go to a lot of parties and look glamorous. So I convinced myself that I would wear it just absolutely all the time and parties could take me or leave me. But I think if I wear it just one day a week until I am too old it will have been worth it.

Standing in Christmas Eve line, I had time to reconsider and I went to put it back, and then I changed my mind again and joined what I thought was the end of the line. Two girls made really indistinct sounds to each other but I worked out that they meant to be in line but were just standing far away from the rest of the line. So I apologized, and they were gracious and asked me if I was an elf. I was very pleased they could tell because by my standards my costume was a little half hearted. Anyway, on my second try at the line I made it to a cashier, who was extremely friendly and efficient.

And then it was done! I had paid basically full price for a dress!


Olie said...

" I will only be young enough to wear a frothy pink dress for like 2 more years

Good gracious, girl -- is your life on some sort of schedule? What does that even mean?!?!

I hope you will be pleased to learn that you be able to wear that dress for decades to come, thereby reducing your cost-per-annum by 90% or more.

(Not that I wish to discourage you from buying additional frilly dresses :)

Caitlan said...

Well, there's no schedule, but some fashions I liked a lot a year ago feel too young for me now, so I expect that will happen to this dress also because it's not classic and it's short. However, I suppose I shall see how I feel about it when I get there.