Thursday, April 29, 2010

Swimming today.

I have been working up to swimming a mile, as this future goal for when I am stronger. But swimming 3/4 of a mile is pretty easy for me so this morning I decided I would swim a whole mile, or get saved by a lifeguard in the attempt, switching between breaststroke and freestyle to rest my arms. It took me almost an hour because I was pacing myself until the last hundred meters. I didn't feel very tired, so this afternoon I swam another mile just freestyle but without flip turns (flip turns are faster but you spend a long time under water so you get a lot less air than when you grab the wall, turn around, and push off, and my lungs are still getting up to speed with this new swimming regimen.)

This second mile took me less than 45 minutes. I can't see without my glasses so I can't really use the time clock on the wall, so I used my phone stopwatch. I started it, put it away in my locker, realized I had got all ready except putting on my swimsuit, opened my locker and put it on, had a rinsing off shower for etiquette, went to the pool and swam 1600m freestyle, got out, found my wet shoes which had apparently fallen into the pool and been fished out and the combination to my locker (which I store in my shoe because I can't be memorizing a new code every day) lost in the process, went straight to my locker, managed to get it open, and stopped the stopwatch, all of which took 46 minutes and 27 seconds.

My shoes were okay because they are made of foam, and I bring foam shoes because they might get splashed when people climb in and out of the water, but not flip flops because then I would have nowhere to store my locker combination.

Then I got a slice of pizza and was going to get a beer because I did a good job but it was $4.75 so I didn't. Swimming makes me really hungry. Today I had a huge lunch and a pretty big dinner, usually I do one or the other and then just have like a piece of bread for the other or some soup. Also I had delicious cookies sent by my aunt and decorated by my cousins, but I didn't eat them all in my ravenous state because after swimming I like something hot.

I expected that goal to last me a bit longer so now I don't know what to do. I looked online but workouts are like 200m of this and a 300m drill and then catchups for 100m and like, I can just about count how many laps I am doing, I for sure can't memorize a workout I am only going to do once. I could write it on my leg though. And it would come right off- I had five showers today. 2 etiquette showers so I could get into the pool without dirtying it too much, 2 to get the chlorine off after swimming, and one at home a while ago because my fourth shower was insufficient because lots of children were in the shower room after their swim lesson and I didn't want to be naked around them and also the water was really cold from all of them using it so I took a too short shower and smelled strongly of chlorine when I got home.

I guess my next goal is to swim a mile of breaststroke and a mile of freestyle in a row, and then if I can still move my arms I will swim a mile of backstroke. That sounds like a lot but I think it is linear growth from on monday when I swam half a mile.

This post had LOTS of numbers which I think is because I spent an hour and a half counting to 64 today.

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