Sunday, October 11, 2009


I was really excited to make soap from oil and lye while watching Fight Club with Andrew and Max, but lye is used to manufacture meth so it is no longer sold in supermarkets in california. We read online about a crystal drain cleaner made of lye with no additives according to the manufacturer, but couldn't find any locally. So, we went to the craft store and bought clear glycerin soap, then went to longs to buy nice things to color and shimmer the soap.

Lavender, leftover cubes of glycerin soap, fragrance oils, mineral loose powder body shimmer, soft pastels (ground for coloring, which don't stain the body but might stain a plastic soap tray)

Max took his beautiful soaps home before I took this picture, but you can see that we made a variety. The top ones have brewed coffee mixed in and they are very, very exfoliating.

This is the other side of my pink bar. It was the last one I did and I think it came out great except that the soap designs float when you pour glycerin onto them and so it will be a few washes before they show up clearly.
I might have just sliced it off but I found it very hard to slice off a consistent amount without the blade sinking in really deep and making it lopsided. I could also have rinsed it until the red layers showed through properly but that would waste.

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