Saturday, October 17, 2009

Acrylic Painting Week 3 Limited Palette

I was unprepared for class having missed 2 sessions for illness (Once to ill to go to a 3 hour studio and once too ill to drive 75 miles to santa cruz and then go to a 3 hour studio) so the professor asked me to do a painting from my sketchbook. When he cycled back to look at my initial sketch he seemed really disappointed with it so I gave up and just worked intuitively with the colors.
In person the field of gold has taupe, rose, and sap green smudges, and the black part has some burnt umber and crimson. It's the sort of thing that might work if it was 4 feet tall instead of 11 inches because it would be more immersive.
One of the sessions I missed was the contrasting hues+white painting from a model, so doing a "limited palette" painting using only one yellow, one blue, one red, one white, and one black, was quite hard. I looked around at breaks and most people were challenged I think, either doing a mostly flesh toned one or looking a bit like mine, though mostly they were turning out better.

This is where I got to when I decided it was getting more and more murky as I pushed the paint around and I should just stop. I tried to do yellow for neutral places, red for warm, and blue for shadow and cool tones. Then when that looked awful I painted over the yellow with titan buff/titanium white. I'm not entirely unhappy with this piece since I had to catch up from last week's session, but it is ugly to me. One problem was the murkiness (these acrylics take several days to dry) as the colors blended, and I could barely judge whether places were just dark, or dark and cool. :( . And next week's session is the day after my birthday so I won't be going... I'll be very behind. :( .

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