Sunday, October 4, 2009

Love Robot (Papercraft for Andy)

Andy came to visit my dorm this weekend, which was so much fun because he's never been to Santa Cruz since I started going here. He was a little sick so we didn't go to this bonfire thing we planned, but we did have a fun weekend. I accidentally told him I got him a little present (liquorice soap samples from etsy) and so I made him this so he would think this was the present so when his soap gets to him in the mail he will be surprised. Then, I accidentally told him again while he was here, but played it off. At least he doesn't know it's liquorice.
You'd think it's called Love Robot because of the little paper heart on its chest, but really that heart is just an indicator of its contents, a 36 inch "printout" of a love note.
This picture is because I think it's funny that I'm in a nerdRomance (I learned to capitalize like that in my Electronics for Intermedia class :) ) and was getting dressed up for my "date" and deliberating between brown socks and blue socks.

I took this picture in my bathroom so my roommate wouldn't know. :)

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