Friday, March 6, 2009

Unicycling Day 7

Well, I brought the uni to juggling. It's hard because the floor is so perfect for falling and traction, but the badminton club meets at the same time and takes over 3/4 of the gym. And since I can veer but not really turn I can't stay in our 1/4, I had to just dismount- I think I was worrying some of the players since I would careen toward them, then fall as close as possible to the edge of their playing area. When they would do breaks between matches I could pedal the width of the gym, but the nets made it so I didn't get to try the long way.

Of course, the rest of juggling club was also in our fourth of the gym... so it was both crowded, and very distracting because the juggling that involves throwing balls or spools really high would catch my attention and down I would go. I need to get better so I can do turns or mounting or something.

Today I took the unicycle on the bus. I wasn't sure it would work in the rack but of course it did. I was worried because the pedals seem like they would get in the way of the safety bar, but I just tilted the uni and it went on easily. People really, really like unicycles- the driver went out to check it (possibly for safety, but I think also because he was interested) and told me he had never had one on his bus before. I told him that was a shame. I feel like a poser going around with it, because people probably think I can unicycle properly. So everyone in the bus was like looking at me when I got off and collected it. I let them down and just wheeled it along.

One of my juggling friends said he feels like people think he's a dork when he rides his uni around town. I don't feel like that at all. People like to shout things, but not at all in a mean way. "nice bike!" "hey, one wheel!" " smallest bike ever!" "that's a unicycle!" people are not good at shouting things that are clever, but it is still celebratory. I have only taken it out to campus twice, so I am not good at saying clever things back yet. So far I have just reassured people: "Yeah, you'd pick it right up, it looks harder than it is." Again, I am a poser.

I am not sure if I improved much today because I had been measuring improvement in distance, but I felt like by the end of the 2 hours (I would switch between uni and juggling based on how tired I was and how much space was available) I was teetering less.

Okay. Actually, I felt like I was gliding. I definitely was traveling in a wavy line and had my arms held straight out, so I was probably not gliding elegantly. But it felt a lot like riding a bike; all smooth. And since I transitioned between wobbling and gliding all at once, I noticed the contrast a lot.

I have mysteriously not made progress free mounting the unicycle despite trying once at the beginning and end of each session.

Now I want to go out and practice, but it is 2 am so I guess I won't. I meant to bring my camera to put up a progress picture but I forgot. Maybe when I am home this Friday and Saturday someone will take one. I am reeeeeally hoping I can try juggling on the uni by next week because it is the last meeting for the quarter, so it is my last chance to get help, unless I go to the mysterious weekend unicycling thing. I am, as my optometrist helpfully pointed out, a dilettante. (ASK ME HOW MANY COLLEGES I HAVE ATTENDED.) For uni that means that when I can ride it around, do turns, mount it, maybe go backwards and uphill, and juggle, I will be done improving.

I think it confuses my juggling coach that I feel the same way about juggling (I was quite committed to learning 3 ball cascades, but with that under my belt... eh... marginal cost vs. benefit, or somesuch.), because he is completely obsessed. And, obsessed is an overused word, but I mean it.

I am trying to be less of a dilettante though. I am firmly committed to my major this time. And if I add art history, well...

it's just who I am.

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