Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My knees still hurt. They were doing okay but I made them do a lot of walking and climbing and driving while I was on break. I took them to the chiropractor and that untorqued my pelvis but my right knee still is torqued.

I totally got my license!!! Dad thinks I am not a safe driver, but the insurance people think I am (my insurance probably costs what his did in 1978) and I am pretty sure they are experts on risk assessment. Especially compared to the man who once put me in the trunk of our car in order to get me to the BART station.*

I am a very safe driver by myself, because I am very, very focused and if something is too fast or too complex I drive away from it or approach from another direction. Dad thinks I am bad at freeways, but I am really not. I just am not going to merge a lot of lanes in crowded traffic. And it took me an hour and a half to get from Oakland to Santa Cruz using this method, so I am pretty sure it works. I drove a different way than we usually go, out to Hayward and then 3/4 of a mile on this terrible little walled off part of a freeway that had walls on both sides of the lane and there was a lot of sun in my eyes, and then to SJ and then to SC.

Also I saw two patrol cars with radar guns, and they did not stop me, so I guess I was going the speed limit.

That sounds kind of bad, but on highway 17 in the dark I was not taking my eyes off the road for anything except checking the mirrors.

*That was quite fun, though.

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