Monday, November 2, 2015

pliosaur, ichthyosaur, and archelon reference photos

 Taking panoramic pictures is a good way to get an entire indoor specimen into view, as I discovered  with this Kronosaurus at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. However, that room had natural lighting which always gives a better result.
 I took a ton of reference photos of the specimens or casts in the  National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo. I like to do paintings of skeletal monsters and I never understand from the limited photos I can find online what the shoulders, ribs, and fins are like. The photos are usually of the still crushed fossil and from limited  perspective. My paintings are of an animated monster that makes viewers feel a thrill of fear. like ichthyosaurs like the one above as subjects because the sclerotic rings suggest eyes.
 The detail in this is not great (I haven't learned to compensate for indoor lighting in an iphone photo) but I like it because of the huge wingspan it shows.

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