Monday, November 30, 2015

Ornament Repairs

Unpacking ornaments, my Mom was giving me all the ones that need repairs. There was a large glass ornament with a small circular hole in one side. I started imagining how I would line the hole with clay, and as she handed it to me it shattered. Even though it was already broken, we both felt kind of sad. Ornaments are so sentimental and now another one was gone. But, as I swept up the pieces I found the very bottom, and put it with the top to try and salvage. I thought I would make sort of a smooth bulb shape but as I was pushing more and more air dry clay over the broken edges I saw that that would take two sessions. I wanted to get my ornament hospital picked up and put away! So I did more of a snowbank effect.

The Santa at bottom right is the same air dry clay. It's inspired by one of Nick's wooden ornaments. Black sticks were all that remained of his feet, but I think the shape looks nicer without anything sticking off so I took it back out of the repair pile.

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