Saturday, June 25, 2011


I decided to make my car into a fake submarine- a superterra with Jules Verne/Victorian era submarine styling. My Dad had an art car when I was a kid, and I have always kind of wanted to make one. I am sooooo super happy I waited until I got an art degree under my belt though, because my follow through and motor skills have developed a lot. I am starting small, with the internal accouterments- a ship's log for my maintenance records, binding my DMV manual in leather, temperature and depth gauges on the dashboard- and I am very pleasantly surprised that I have failed at all of this sort of thing so many times already that I'm around the corner and can easily throw together successful pieces on my first try.

Here is the first example. I sat down to make a cd label (for my whale song/Pirates of the Caribbean mixtape), which I have never done before, and a couple minutes later I had a totally reasonable one.
I printed a model of the Nautilus on a partially used cd label page I found at school, then since the resolution was real bad I inked it.

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